Fully Bloomed Shop was started because we believe that becoming the best version of yourself must grow from the mind, body and soul. Our shop focuses on curated products to help nurture and water those areas to manifest a greater you.

My name is Distinee, and I launched Fully Bloomed straight out of my living room towards the end of 2019. I was working full-time as an office manager/executive assistant in a technology office for over three years when I realized that I had no passion for the work that I was doing and slowly fell into depression. Writing had always served as a coping mechanism since I was young, and while working at this corporate job, I self-published and released my first ever poetry book - Sunflower Soul. One day I was sorting through my many journals, re-reading old poetry, stories and diary entries that I had written. I noticed how much I had grown and healed since then. Many of them were dated as far back as 8 years ago. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to create journals that could serve the same purpose as they once did, and still do for me. Those journals were my time capsules and I got to tap into my young mind again. I got to see my pain, my joy, and my journey. It was all so beautiful and from there - Fully Bloomed was born. I left my office job and pursued running my small business full-time. Every item in the shop is a reflection of myself, one that I want to project into the universe and into your hands. I hope that through these products, they become apart of your daily ritual and self-healing journey.