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Fully Bloomed was started because we believe that becoming the best version of yourself must grow from the mind, body and soul. Our shop focuses on curated products to help nurture and water those areas to manifest a greater you.


I’m a published author and self care strategist. Fully Bloomed began in December of 2019 - a year after publishing my first poetry book, Sunflower Soul. This book was birthed from sorting through my many journals, re-reading old poetry, stories and diary entries that I had written. I noticed how much I had grown and healed since then. Many of them were dated as far back as 8 years ago. Publishing this book sparked a desire within me to create journals that could offer others the same therapeutic magic they did for me - a safe space for reflection and release. 

Fully Bloomed has grown into so much more than just journals. It's a community and a movement. Every item in the shop is a reflection and extension of myself, one that I want to project into the universe and into your hands. I hope that through these products, they become apart of your daily ritual and self-healing journey.   

Founder, Distinee Gayle standing with orange vegan leather journal in hand that reads "be fearless and flourish". She is smiling and wearing a white button up top and orange pants.
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