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"Soft + Easy" Yoga and Journaling Workshop 5/14/23

We brought in this Mother's Day themed event with a nurturing session for mothers, daughters, sons and friends alike. This event was in collaboration with The Calm/Cool Collective; an organization that centers the healing and well-being of marginalized communities through holistic wellness practices that soothe stress and strengthens self-awareness, connectivity, and our ability to feel at ease in any given moment.

I was overjoyed when asked to partner on this incredible and much needed event for our BIPOC community. This was held at ìpàdé, a beautiful venue and safe space designed to amplify Black Women and people of color to build networks of transformative change. We started off by easing into conversation and enjoying light bites and beverages by our amazing sponsors - Pop & Bottle and Rawish DC!

Our theme dove into self-mothering – the act of showing oneself the love needed, wanted, and deserved, even if – especially if ... one may not have experienced how they would like to be loved by the mother figure(s) in their life.

Thank you to all attendees who showed up to fill up their cup, and to all the incredible partners who made this vision possible.

With love and intention,


Photos courtesy of Shaughn Cooper

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