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"Little Rituals" Journaling Workshop 10/16/22

After a full year of workshops from coast to coast, we closed out our last workshop of the year at Peace. It was special to host our last installment for 2022 here because this is where it all began. When we started this journey, nearly one year ago to the date - we had no idea what was in store for us but have been overjoyed at the response from our community far and wide.

This workshop consisted of guiding our attendees to find the little rituals within every day to support them through the new season. Entering into fall is a perfect opportunity to prepare for the winter that is to come and equipping yourself with habits and practices that make this transition a breeze.

We journaled on this crisp October morning and learned the fundamentals of dry brushing. Each attendee left with their very own dry brush and journal feeling both rejuvenated and excited to incorporate them into their daily ritual.

Lastly, it was mentioned during this event... but I'll say it again here - healing and wellness is never about the products you can buy. It's about using what you have and knowing that it is enough. Knowing that you are enough. With or without all the gadgets and commodities that may accompany you. I truly can't wait to resume workshops in the new year and look forward to watching our community grow!

With love and intention,


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