Benefits of Burning Floral Sage + How-To!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The history of burning sage dates back many centuries ago and has historically been part of a spiritual rituals to cleanse a person or space and to promote healing and wisdom. Indigenous communities have used the sacred plant for many traditional ceremonies and Ancient Egyptians, Greek and Romans have used sage medicinally, to treat various ailments. Actually, the name sage comes from the Latin word “salvia,” which means “to feel well and healthy, health, heal".

The practice of "smudging" has more recently become mainstream, as people are learning the benefits of building a ritual/routine around burning sage in their own homes. Certain studies have even shown that burning sage has helped with depression and anxiety as well as improved memory.

Health benefits aside, how can sage help you spiritually? This all boils down to intention. What do you hope to gain from this ritual? Burning sage without a goal or purpose in mind will not give you the same results as doing so with true intention. With our bundles, the added flowers are a bonus as each carry their own beautiful properties that boosts the sage's effectiveness and work together to create a truly magical experience.

With that being said, burn with purpose! If you are particularly feeling lost, or uncertain of what you may need - allow the universe to guide you. You may be surprised where it will lead you!


There aren't many rules to burning sage, and different people have different ways to practice it. But remember, this is your healing. No one can tell you that there is a right or wrong way to do so. We have, however, listed 5 easy steps on where to begin if this is your first time!

  1. Start by setting up your space. You must have your windows open. This is very important as any energy you would like to release needs a space to exit. Have a heat-safe bowl of ceramic, clay, or glass nearby to hold the burning sage and catch any fallen ashes once you begin.

  2. Light the wand with your intentions in mind. Feel free to repeat them aloud if you feel called to do so!

  3. Be filled with whatever energy you hope to evoke as your smudge stick burns. You will begin feel it radiating around you.

  4. If the energy you hope to obtain is internal (love, peace, healing, etc) - we recommend to mediate for at least a few minutes as it burns. If the energy you hope to obtain is external (protection, cleanse negative energy, etc) - we recommend to walk around and smudge your sacred space or the space you wish to cleanse.

  5. Once complete, you can allow the smudge stick to burn out on its own or put it out by gently pushing the burning tip onto your heat-safe dish.

Each one of our Floral Smudge Sticks are handmade and grown in a crystal charged garden. Each smudge stick contains White Sage, Rose, Sacred Cedar, and White Willow alongside seasonal petals and flowers. Click HERE to view them on our shop!

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